We create high quality video content
to help you nuture leads and make
them want to join your trips.

is the new photo

Travel brands rely on showcasing their customer’s experiences. In the past century, this was mostly done using photos.

As technology improved dramatically over the past ten years, videos became a lot more important. Videos present the beauty of our world a lot better in a shorter amount of time and help to capture the right emotions.

If you’re a travel brand, you need a partner with a good understanding of video and how it works on social media to be ahead of your competition.

Borderless Memories

BORDERLESS MEMORIES is a global travel video production brand, founded by Pascal Basel, a world traveler, video producer and YouTuber. He left his factory job in 2015 knowing that there is more to life than the regular 9 to 5. Traveling showed him he was right.

We want to make travel and all the good that comes with it available to more people by supporting travel brands using the most powerful marketing tool that exists right now.

#What we do
and how we do it

The fast development of mirrorless cameras, camera stabilisation and drones over recent years brought a huge shift into the video industry. We’re experts in using these tools for travel video production. That makes a quick turnaround and reasonable prices possible.

Telling your story

Branding is not just about a beautiful logo and website design. Real branding means a great story, emphasized by strong values. We’re helping value-based travel brands telling their story in the digital world

Video Editing

Video is the best marketing tool. Apart from filming videos, we also help you make the best out of your footage. A lot of magic can be done in post-production. You’ll wonder what’s possible.

Social Media

It can be quite hard to produce regular quality content for your social media channels. We got you covered from social media strategy until the actual post.

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